Hanako's Teahouse

Sévres, France

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Hanako's Teahouse

All materials of the teahouse are from nature and will return to nature. The parts fit into two carrying cases so that the teahouse can be assembled in various locations. Hanako Miwa collaborated with two architects, Alex H. Lee and Nami Nishino.

I met Fance Franck in 2005. She kindly took me to the Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres where I saw her red- glazed pieces for the first time. She also invited me to come back to her atelier in Paris and to work together with her next time I was in France. This encounter with Fance was a once in a life time experience. It reminded me of the Japanese saying which describes the spirit of the tea ceremony, ichigo ichie, which can be translated, "Each encounter is a unique occasion" in another words in French "La Rencontre d’une vie".
Hanako Miwa

3rd International Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics

Tea Ceremonies, "Cérémonie du thé en Hommage à la céramiste Fance Franck" by Hanako Miwa
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Hanako's Teahouse - Jinan, China

Hanako Miwa proposes a new aesthetic called mirai sabi. Mirai refers to a futuristic aesthetic for the twenty-first century. Sabi refers to the traditional Japanese concept of finding beauty in the process of changing over time and becoming part of nature. Mirai sabi aims at creating harmony with nature and expressing a delicate and fragile beauty that resides in nature.

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